Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pride posting...and where the hell did June go?

Blame the glorious transition from Spring to summer, blame a crazy work schedule, blame Mercury in retrograde - for whatever reason, I really just did not have anything to say this month. A couple times I sifted through postcards but wasn't feeling inspired. But! Last weekend was PRIDE weekend, so here's something new, something old, and a lot gay.

Mailed June 25:
I'm pretty sure I picked this us at the Hide/Seek exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum a couple of months ago. I love this photo - it's really joyful and subversive. Plus - unironic saddle shoes! I don't, however, love how the photo looks all checkered when I upload it. It doesn't look that way in real life or on my computer.

As a bonus, a former girlfriend of mine from college was in town last week. Here's a postcard she sent me in November 1994 (I promise, it's not mushy!):

As always, everything is [sic]

Hey Sweet thang - Your card kixs ass over mine. I'm sitting here mourning over Liz Phair's new crap of an album. What a let down. So here's the thrilling news of the 1/4, I am going to Costa Rica! And so is V__, we will be in different parts of the country but we're planning on travelling together for the last 3 wks or so. I'm going to have to put my dykehood on the shelf for a while. I'm a little uncertain about working with two boys (from here) and my boss who will be ♂ too; I know I'm capable of putting up with it but it will be a different lifestyle. I'm going to try and find another woman here who might be interested just for my sanity. It will make my parents hopeful to know I'm with two boys "maybe she'll convert honey". Last night E__ showed some queer films in Kelly Hall, this one flick - 'It Wasn't Love' had that song you used in your senior piece, M__ told me, did you know this?It was a pretty good film. I can't believe it's 7th week - Ahhh save me! I've been talking to R_ + M_ about driving out with them - there not sure if they're going yet. either Seattle or Ohio for me. I would love it so much to see you. Write back and let me know what yer thinkin - I luv you
Ahh, memories... we really bonded over Liz Phair's first album, and let's get real, the follow up was a disappointment. I think the only people who really like that album are people who had never heard the first one, which still hold its position on my Desert Island Playlist.

When I read old postcards, one of the things I notice is whether the person uses traditional paragraphs or they just write one big run on block of text. I've done both, but it's kind of tricky - you have to gauge ahead of time how much you're going to say. Nothing like starting a postcard with tiny, compact writing, only to realize you've run out of things to say with several inches of blank space staring at you. Other times, you may start taking up lots of space with your writing and by the end you're curling your sentences around all the borders and your writing gets smaller and smaller and eventually the person can't ready what you're writing anyway. I admire people who know how much room they're going to need from the get go - or perhaps they just adjust what they say to how much room they've allotted themselves. I don't really know what I'm going to say until I'm saying it. I'm sure there's something terribly revealing about that factoid...