Saturday, July 18, 2015


A much-delayed follow up to my last post:

The reason I couldn't attend the Pride parade, and the reason I was in New York at all, was to celebrate my grandmother's 100th birthday. Ever wish you could be two places at once? Returning to the city in late afternoon on the 28th, the celebratory mood was still quite strong, and I came home to tales and videos of Seattle Pride that made me a bit wistful - but I wouldn't have missed this birthday party for the world.

My mom requested that people send cards that could be read at the party, so I selected one of the postcards from my grandmother's collection: 

Cold Spring Harbor, New York
Of course, being the introvert I am, I made sure to NOT have my card read in public at the party - I know these will be read to my gran over and over again.

The Notorious FTG

I did manage to send off a few postcards while I was away:

This is a postcard I picked up many trips ago, brought it with me in case I didn't have time to grab a new one. Is that cheating?

Paper Milk postcards! Always so weird and wonderful. The art shop near me finally got some new ones in. Sent to a friend who is battling a brain tumor - hoping to cheer her on to victory.


There was a neat little card shop near Stonewall where I picked up a few new postcards and My Awesome Sister got a cool pin. If I could just find where I put them....

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