Friday, February 5, 2016

The Wedge

I used to be a person who slept well. Almost too well. Morningtime was this mythical Atlantis that other people told tall tales about and I was content to peer at the edges from a fuzzy distance.

Now? I wake up at 7:30am, with or without alarm. Many mornings (such as this one) I wake with a start long before the clock screams at me, and there's no sinking back into slumber. I am aided in this by a certain orange cat I call The Wedge, whose only true happiness is to lie on top of me and purr REALLY LOUDLY right into my ear. His refusal to be dislodged would be impressive if it didn't make me so cranky.

None of this has to do with postcards, other than I'm up earlier than I'd like and thus writing.

Almost a week down!

Sent Feb 2:
I am helpless when it comes to PaperMilk postcards. If I see 'em, I buy 'em. Aside from the groovy images, the postcards have a neat matte finish and appealing design on the business side. I'm a sucker, I know. But I'll need to avoid the stores that stock them if I'm going to stay in compliance with Rule #5.

Sent Feb 3:

Paul Gaugin, Still Life with Apples, a Pear and a Ceramic Portal Jug (1889)

I sent 2 postcards on Thursday, seemingly adhering to Rule #2. Except they both went to the same person. I started off the month writing postcards in the evening, to mail the next day - I usually do this during the week, to reduce the risk of missing a day due to morning chaos. But I woke up yesterday with a dream in my head and thoughts of that specific recipient, so I decided to just go ahead and write and send another. Just to mix it up a bit, I mailed them from different post boxes - it'll be interesting to see if they arrive at the same time. Considering what I said earlier about my changing sleep patterns, I apparently have plenty of time in the mornings to write, so I'm going to try not writing any ahead of time from now on.

I love that Gaugin image. I've almost sent it plenty of times, but held on to it because I secretly wanted it for myself. But when I woke up knowing I would write a 2nd postcard, I also knew it was time to send that particular one.

Mailed Feb 4:
This is one of those postcards I've had for a long time - I think since the '90s or maybe early '00s. These postcards, with their very strong visual identity, were everywhere back in the day. I still see them at my favorite local bookstore, although they've evolved a bit. I was surprised to learn that the producer "Stella Mars" is an actual person, not the name of a company, and she's a multidisciplinary artist from Olympia. Fun Facts!

You know, this early rising isn't so bad when I get things done - the downside is that it doesn't actually get me up and out the door any earlier. If anything, I'm more rushed and/or late because I get involved in projects and lose track of time. It's almost time to leave for work, but I'm not dressed yet and haven't written today's card - and Tilly is wondering why there isn't any coffee. BYE!

The Wedge

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