Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Never too late for resolutions...right?

Happy New Year!

yeah, yeah, yeah, 2013 is old news by now, but I have reasons for belatedness. Good ones! Or at least one good one...I was traveling for two weeks in January, resulting in actual "Wish you were here" postcards, some of which were mailed while I was traveling. And then I was...jet-lagged for another two weeks! Sure!

It really helps to set one's expectations low, I'm afraid.

Nevertheless, the year is still young, and I am looking forward to many adventures told through brief scraps of cardstock.

Yes! I went to Amsterdam - and also Ghent, Belgium. I picked up many more postcards while I was there, but these were the only two I managed to mail from Europe. It was surprisingly difficult to find post offices and mailboxes in either city - the only reason these got mailed is that I stayed in a super fancy hotel in Ghent and they just send out your mail for you, at no additional charge. If I'd realized that ahead of time I would have made sure to have more written when I checked out.

And then this arrived, right before my birthday:

Aaaaah, it's a Griffin and Sabine postcard!

Even better, it's written in metallic marker!!!

H-BD to U!
What's up? How much are you dancing?
Do you ever go to the "LoFi"? Let's make a date!
luv, B#1"

Getting mail is nice :)

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