Friday, February 1, 2013

Month of Letters, year 2

It's February, which means it's time again for the Month of Letters Postcards!! I'm more prepared this time - the US Postal Service increased postage just last Sunday (sneaky), so I had to get new postcard stamps and a bunch of $.01 stamps for the ones I already had. Postcard stamps are still ugly and there is no choice on design - and why don't they make forever postcard stamps?!?

A few months ago I was reading old letters and realized how much I missed real correspondence. Most of the letters from friends were written over a period of days and often made reference to phone calls in the middle, so they weren't the only opportunities to touch base. But it certainly feels like the easier it is to communicate with each other, the less we have to say. So I'm hoping to step up my game this year and include at least a few letters during this challenge. We'll see how that goes - sometimes it's hard enough to fill a small postcard, the idea of writing pages and pages seems daunting. Not to mention that my handwriting has gotten appalling.

Now I just have to get cracking and send the first postcard!

Month of Letters Challenge

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