Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

It's the freakiest Friday, and I'm starting off with a postcard mailed a month ago. I blame having two Friday the 13thses in a row.

Sent Friday the 13th (of February):

This is a 3-D postcard, which doesn't really translate to digital format, but I dig the way you can kind of see what is going on there.

Sent Feb 14:

Valentine's Day! This was sent to the fabulous Katja 7, whose nuptials are right around the corner. I keep trying to goad her into some Bridezilla moments for my entertainment and she just won't do it. She's so hands off about this wedding I'm a little worried she'll forget to come. This attitude toward the bridal industrial complex speaks to our long lasting friendship, but I'm still hoping for a tiny meltdown somewhere along the way. Because I'm evillle.

Mailed Feb 17:

I did pretty well with the balance of inspiration and discipline this year - I really prefer to get as close to that spur of the moment feeling even though some days it feels more like a chore than art. Kinda like creating art - the ideal is to always have great inspiration at just the right time and be able to capture it and send it out into the world. Hint: that often doesn't happen in art, either, but you still have to keep doing it. Keep dancing. Keep choreographing. Write yourself out of the slump. It's not only the central premise of LetterMo, but of  NaNoWriMo, and as an artistic technique, it does work.

But I still feel bad on those days when I am less than fully engaged with my postcards during LetterMo. This is another postcard I got at the HIDE/SEEK exhibit a few years ago, but I found myself wondering why I had been drawn to it, and my postcard scribbling was more superficial than usual (sorry! it's not you it's me). Of course, when Tilly saw this image, she fell in love with it.

 Sent Feb 18:
I hated parting with this one. About a year and a half ago, my mom sent me a huge package of postcards that my grandparents had saved from their travels in early years. Most of the postcards are straight up photos of places, with that 1960s tint to them. This one is whimsical and lovely. It's also from Zagreb, and I've been dreaming of going to Croatia since last fall. Luckily I just found a few more Zagreb postcards in a similar style in the pack.

It was a little mean to send a snowy image to someone in Chicago during this winter, though.

 Sent Feb 19:

Another Naughty Little People postcard - and I have since found out that the recipient did not get it! I had the wrong apartment number (she moved), but it occurred to me only this minute that perhaps the post office - or the new neighbor in her old apartment - may not have appreciated the image. Harrumph. I think this might be the only LetterMo postcard I've sent that did not reach its destination. Boo.

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