Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life, it interferes.

ugh, I am so behind! Last week I figured that even if I wasn't posting, there was some mail happening, but I have to confess the post box has been boring this week. There's even a layer of dust on my postcard-scanning laptop. Adding insult to injury, my last posted correspondence went awry - those show postcards usually are full of info about the shows, rather than being meant for personal messages, so I tape a piece of paper over them with my message. I guess I didn't do a very good job on that one, because half of my message was missing upon delivery - and you just know it was probably the most poignant and awe-inspiring message a person has ever written to a friend. le sigh.

In better news, I got this postcard last week from my friend Sandra in London:

The Large Cat by Cornelis Visscher
"I promise this cat will behave", she writes, in reference to my kitten who is quite sweet but is currently a weapon of mass destruction about my house. J'adore!

Mailed March 28:

sent to a friend who attended a fundraiser for the local dance studio with me.

I also got some new postcards to send at a few art exhibits I've seen recently. Now, though, I need to write up a few to send before this week is over!

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  1. Just getting my post card to you in the mail. ):)