Sunday, March 4, 2012

Keep Going

Now that it's March, I went to go BUY MORE POSTCARDS. Only I didn't find very many that were interesting. I did pick up a couple of cool birthday cards, though.

Mailed March 3:

Echo and the Bunnymen, postcard form the mid-'80s. So cool and atmospheric. Love.

For the Month of Letters challenge, I took pictures of the notes I wrote to people. I had some notion of transcribing them, like I'm doing for the archive postcards, but I decided against it. When I look at the ones from the beginning of February, I can see how rusty I was at correspondence - the messages were brief, jokey, a bit awkward. I thought about that while writing this postcard, because I filled the whole space, curling the text around the address, and I could have written more if there was the space. I feel like the habit of writing is slowly returning to me.

Speaking of those birthday cards I bought yesterday, I need to send one of them this week. I wonder where I put them...... Ugh, this is why I find things years later shoved between cookbooks or under the stereo or at the bottom of a sweater drawer. Total magpie.


  1. You inherited it!!!! I had to send a friend (whose birthday is exactly the same as mine, so hard to forget, which I didn't) BUT I had bought her a gift when I was in NH at the crafts place and didn't find it until Feb. She understood.

    1. Thanks for the Bunnymen postcard!