Monday, March 19, 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

Eeex, I realized tonight that it's been almost a week since I sent any postcards out - this is why the once-a-day challenge was so good for me. It's too easy to let more and more days go by.

Mailed March 13:

Most of the postcards I have I bought because they appealed to me; this one was purchased with the recipient very much in mind - it was sent to a Seattle expatriate with a big love for his hometown and its sports teams. I tried to find a Sounders postcard, but no dice. Here's hoping this brought a little bit of Northwest flavor to the 'Ham.

Mailed March 18:

This one's a bit more my style, a photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson. I didn't even realize when I bought this a year or two ago that this was the Berlin Wall (in 1962). I just love the photo.


  1. Opening night reminded my to thank you for the touch of home.

  2. was just talking to your other half tonight! we are making plans for your next visit ;)