Monday, February 11, 2013

And on the seventh day, she forgot to post...

Lots to catch up on!

Mailed Feb 7:
Choreographer Wen Hui, photographed by Titouan Lamazon, 2007
Love this picture - I was holding the postcard at all different angles trying to figure out where vertical is, and every time I decided on the right orientation, my eyes would find another possibility. Sent to the creator of the movement challenge, which began on that day. (I'm still keeping up with all 3 projects so far, although I regret that the movement challenge is getting the short end of the stick at the moment).

 Sent Feb 8:

 Oh, I really wish I had multiple copies of this one. It came from that book of so-called "naughty" postcards, and it's my favorite. And I had way too many people to send it to. I secretly would like one for myself as well. But it was sent forth to the wilds of Canuckistan......and geez louise, it now costs $1.10 to mail to Canada?!? Same as to any international destination? I call BS on that, United States Postal Service!

Sent Feb 9:

One of the groovier Dale Chihuly postcards. While I'm bitching about postage, I'll mention again that these postcards require first class postage. Pretentious.

 Sent Feb 11:
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Riding With Death - 1982
I kept a copy of this painting, which I cut out of a 1987 Vanity Fair article, on my wall for several years. In 1990, a boyfriend decided to get a tattoo of it on his left bicep. Which is kind of wacky, since this isn't exactly an image that translates easily to a tattoo. There's also the ethical question of getting someone to create a copy of another person's artwork without the original artist's permission, although Basquiat wasn't around to grant permission by then anyway.

I remember the tattoo artist did a very good job with the copy, especially scaling it down to fit, but getting the white ink to show up took a second session. I have a feeling this tattoo has not aged well. I'd be curious to know if the owner has had to get the color touched up over the years, or if he got a different tattoo to cover it up.

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