Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In the mail

One of the nice things about doing this challenge a second year is that some of my friends have gotten in on the action. One person said she was going to try the whole 1-a-day challenge, others have just sent me cards or letter back and a few have sent out a big batch of postcards in one fell swoop. I've also gotten a few emails from some folks I had lost touch with, after I sent them a postcard just because I was going down my address book.

Here is a selection of what I received (aka the ones I could lay my hands on while the scanner was on):

Sent from friends with whom I danced for many years...and we had an annual gig in Walla Walla, Washington performing with a local school, so this is perfect. We didn't have to perform as onion ballerinas, thank you ceiling cat!

This is a card, not a postcard. Best part? The person who sent it to me lives 3 blocks away. But we don't see each other that often and she's not on Facebook, so we shockingly don't know every excruciating detail of each others' lives without someone making a little effort to reach out.

And as a bonus, yesterday's postcard (sent Feb 26):

I was at a friends house Sunday to watch the Oscars and noticed she had a series of vintage Vogue cover postcards on display - I just picked this postcard up last week, and while it doesn't quite match her collection, thought it might be a nice addition. This is a cover from 1916. It sure is more interesting than current covers with photoshopped images of celebrities.

I can't believe the month is almost over!

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