Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yes! I'm still here!

I am so, so behind. For no good reason! Maybe it's the mid-month slump, or the effect of too many projects going on. The last week I've had to prioritize what gets done (and what falls behind), and unfortunately blogging took a big hit. I fell down a bit on all of my projects, although getting postcards in the mail has been the most successful. I missed last Saturday, and then on Monday I was quite dejected about having not sent any that day either, until the evening when I realized that it was a HOLIDAY and there was no mail service, so technically I was still only one day behind, which turned everything around. I mailed two on Tuesday and called it good (or good enough, anyway).

I also learned that at least one of the postcards I mailed never made it, even though I confirmed that I had the address correct. Rats. ETA: the postcard finally arrived - it took almost 2 weeks to get to the middle of the US, but at least it arrived.

Anyway, lots to get through, so get comfy, mmmkay?

Mailed Feb 12:

There's no way to make this look right on a computer, but this is a 3-D postcard. The image shifts a little bit when you look at it from different angles. Unfortunately it just looks blurry as a .jpg. It's also heavy, so I put regular first class postage on it, even though there was no notice that it was needed - and I did hear today that it arrived safely.

Mailed Feb 13:

One of the images from last year's HIDE/SEEK exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum. I sadly neglected to note the artist and photo title. I admit this picture weirds me out a little - I think the guy in the center is wearing a mask,, but it's hard to be sure. The whole thing looks a bit off.

Mailed Feb 14:

"The Nature of Desire", Duane Michaels 1986
This is another image from HIDE/SEEK, and it was the most Valentine's Day-appropriate postcard I had. At least I remembered to credit the artist this time!

Our lives are just one moment,
a breath imagined by the senses.
And that moment is a great thought.
And that thought is a desire,
The urge to being and to be love.
All at once, altogether, the same"

If you're wondering why there's a strange red border, my scanner doesn't like postcards with mostly white backgrounds and will create separate images for the blocks of text and/or photos if I don't use a colored background that shows a bit.

Don't go away, there's more!

Mailed Feb 15:

This postcard went to the furthest (farthest?) location yet, and the address was most a bunch of letters, so I'm just crossing my fingers it arrives. Of course, I found out after I'd mailed it that the recipient's birthday was this week. I probably would have sent a different card if I'd realized in time. Or maybe just written a different message, since I do love these postcards.

Sent Feb 16 19:

Blondie rules. First, last, and always.

In the 5th or 6th grade I would go to a friend's house and we would listen to her parents' copy of Parallel Lines. Once I got beyond the mind-blowing shock of someone's parents owning - and listening to - rock music, this album quickly established itself on my permanent desert island list. Keep in mind that we were also 9 or 10 years old, and we spent a lot of time giggling about the album version of "Heart of Glass" has the phrase "pain in the ASS" in it.

I still want to be Debbie Harry when I grow up.

Mailed Feb 19 (for real):

Belgian food! I sadly did not eat any mussels while I was in Belgium. I can attest to the constant presence of delicious fries, however. And I was informed more than once that the term "french fries" is wrong and they should really be known as "belgian fries".

Mailed Feb 20:

I've either had this for several years, or I picked it up some time last year, I really can't remember. It's pretty self explanatory!


  1. Love these! where did you find the 3D earth? Is it like a hologram? Did you send one to moi?

  2. As you know by now, the earth one wasn't for you, but I'll see if the place where I got that one has more. And yes, it's a hologram, too bad there's no way to make that work on the computer xo