Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So Much for Saturdays

The USPS announced on February 6 that there will soon be no more Saturday pick up or delivery of mail. The change doesn't go into effect until August, but psychologically I seem to have eliminated Saturday from my daily mail challenge. You'd think Saturday would be the easiest day, as I don't have to go to work, but I think the pressure to have something ready to go before I leave for the day M-F helps keep me on task. There have been days I've got keys in hand and realized I haven't sent anything, so I stopped and dashed something off. Once I took a stamped postcard and my address book to work, wrote the postcard there, and dropped it in the mail at lunch.

But Saturdays? I wake up, I go to the gym (or not) and think "I'll write a postcard when I get back" (or not). Then I figure I'll get a postcard together and then drop it off on my way to the afternoon knitting class I've been taking - except the class isn't really near the post office, and the mailboxes on the way have an early pickup, and if I've already missed the pickup then I could really just do it Sunday, since it'll actually get picked up at the same time anyway, and then it's Sunday with all its chores and laziness and who knows what I do with my Sundays anyway (this weekend it was preparing for an Oscars viewing party), maybe I can just drop two in the mail Monday morning...it's a downward spiral. So yesterday I decided to just own up to my mental Saturday block and only sent one postcard for Monday.

Mailed Feb 21:

My plan, of course, was to send this to just about anyone but my mother...but as it turned out, I wanted to send her a postcard anyway, and it really had been a while since I'd written to her. An obvious choice, but a heartfelt one.

 Mailed Feb 22:

Another of the Mark Raven drawings from Amsterdam - this is probably the least abstract ones on the whole pack.

Mailed (Monday) Feb 25:
"Automat", Edward Hopper 1927
 I love this image.

Of course I haven't selected or written today's postcard yet. Hey, I've got 20 minutes to go. As long as it's a weekday, no problem!

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