Thursday, February 2, 2012

Catching up...

Mailed February 1:

It's a postcard made of wood! The lady at the post office thought it was cool. I'm a little worried that it will break in transit. I'm hoping to hear it arrived safely. (ETA - it did!)

BTW, despite knowing I was going to do this for the past few weeks, I really did not plan well. I didn't even know how much postcard stamps are now (32 cents so you can be better prepared than I), let alone have some on hand. So I went to the Post Office yesterday, asked for 30 postcard stamps, and they were out. Huh? OUT? I didn't think the post office was allowed to be out of stamps. I had a moment of panic where I thought I might have to cause a scene (do these people not know that it is National Mail Things Every Day Month? Do they want to go out of business??), but my gal set me up with a 30 cent stamp and two 1 cent stamps. Kind of a pity, because the back of the postcard is really cool and the stamps hid part of the design, but I couldn't start off the month by missing a deadline, could I? Fortunately I have some 28 cent stamps and 2 cent stamps at home so I can make it to Saturday when I can go to another post office that is hopefully better stocked.

Mailed February 2:

I love the comic strip Mutts. I love it so much that I apparently bought a whole box of postcards of Mutts panels about 10 years ago. Expect to see more of them as the month goes on - but they are all unique pictures. The cards are also large, lovely heavy cardstock - they feel like tarot cards.

The panels at the bottom read:

We're little snowflakes
From heaven
We are all unique
Just like you
We're here on earth
To become one.

It's deep.


  1. Question: Do I have to mail stuff that is associated with black history?

  2. Not at all - mail anything you like!