Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend roundup

Mailed February 3:

Des petits chats! Postcard I picked up on a recent trip to Paris France. Gotta love how that makes it sound like I jet over there all the time. Not!

Mailed February 4:

I made it to a different post office for stamps and found success, although the seller at this branch was neither impressed by my postcard nor the project. I may have detected some actual eye rolling when I said I needed some international stamps. Sigh.

Silent film star Jacqueline Logan
 I've had this postcard for over 20 years - I have no idea where I got it, but it used to hang on the wall over my bureau. Perhaps I should have waited until next week to send this, as Ms Logan was noted for having received "the most valentines on the lot" in her day, but this one is headed overseas, so I'm just hoping it might arrive in time.

I also took the opportunity to send my grandmother a belated thank you card today.


  1. As you may remember, I was going to send a card out every day as well. Heh. Total Fail, although I went so far as to buy some pretty postcard stamps. Next week I promise to send them out!