Monday, February 13, 2012

Vacation mail roundup

Seems like I was gone for quite a while, even though I only missed a couple of days of mail. I'm glad I brought along postcards to send, because I didn't see any to purchase at my hotel. It's been a long day of travel, so let's get right to it...

Mailed February 10:

Another card I've had for years, and used to hang on my wall. You can see that tape at the top had marred some of the lettering and at some point I had filled it back in. Classy! Sent to Dang Ramona* because of our shared love of cats. She hadn't said she wanted one but was glad to get one...this is why once I get through my list I'm just sending them to pretty much anyone whose address I know.

Mailed February 11:

I've never been to Winston-Salem, so I'm assuming I bought this at the Elliott Bay Book Store (it was with some other cards I know I got there). Sent to Katja Seven* because she lives in DC, home of the Big Chair, and because I generally associate her with drinking coffee and good times.

Mailed February 13:

An actual postcard from my trip! I did not make it to Garden of the Gods while I was in Colorado Springs, but some of the people I met went and they said it was amazing. All the other postcards at the airport were for Denver or Telluride or just really generic pictures of "Colorado". I thought I was going to have to mail this from home once I got back, but there was a postal drop at Denver International. Brilliant! I missed the mail pickup, but the point is I mailed it today, so I'm calling it good.

*I don't generally say who I'm mailing postcards to because I want it to be a surprise in case they're reading, but these will have already arrived so they've figured it out by now.

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  1. Love It! Thank you. I am saving it....