Saturday, February 25, 2012

Days 22-25

Gah, so behind this week!!

Mailed February 22:

Another Mutts card. I feel a little lazy sending these instead of something "new", even though they are all different drawings.

Mailed February 23 24

Diego Velazquez, "The Needlewoman", 16th century
Aaargh, so annoying - I had this one written and stamped Thursday morning and I left it at home when I went to work. I have no clue where I got this postcard, but it's another I've had for decades.

Mailed February 24 (for reals):

More '90s activism! ACT UP aka the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power. Another organization that this project made me look up to see if they're still around. Answer: yes, although the site looks more archival than active. Kudos for having a site that looks like someone's thought about it this century (sorry Guerrilla Girls).

Now I really wish I had a Lesbian Avengers postcard to send. I used to have one of their fab posters and if I could find it, I could send that out. Sigh.

Mailed February 25:

A postcard from a show I was in, from November 1996. This was the (I think) first showing of Laura Curry's "You = Me". The theatre was barely heated, and had a concrete floor. The work called for us to be lying motionless on the floor, in leotards, for the 20+ minutes while the audience filtered in, and the piece was all slow, controlled, seamless movement. It was freaking COLD in there. One of the other dancers fainted during a performance. I can still see him go down, but not what happened next. I know we didn't stop the performance, I think he just got right back up. I think he even managed to faint in a sustained way so it wouldn't be disruptive.

Some of the other works on the bill - KT Niehoff's "4/4 Culture" (had to have been an excerpt, because that was an evening length piece), Kim Root's "Uncomfortable Cafe" and Maureen Whiting's "Huka Haka Luka"


  1. I swear I remember that show . . . or did I just hear about it from you?

  2. I know Cory came to see it - there's a photo of the two of us outside the theatre after a performance. maybe you took the picture?