Thursday, February 2, 2012

A month (or more) of postcards

I've always been a fan of postcards. All through high school and college I would search out excellent postcards to send to friends or to hang on my wall. But time marched on, as it does, and I stopped being a good or even a mediocre correspondent. The wonder of email replaced the need for messages or cool pictures sent through post - and yet I never quite stopped buying postcards when I saw some that caught my eye.

A few months ago, as I was attempting to downsize the formidable mountain of old papers and miscellany in my closets, I thought it would be fun to start sending out postcards again. I mailed a couple here and there, but wasn't consistent. Then I discovered A Month of Letters - a challenge to send something through the mail every day in the month of February, and found my new project!

I was a little worried that I might not have enough postcards to send even in our shortest month without buying some new ones, but I just found the motherlode of randomness in a box, and I'm good to go! I'll be posting the postcards as I go, to be as navelgazing as possible (perhaps I should have chosen PoMoPost as my blog title?) I also found some old favorites that I've hung onto for decades, and have learned that I have a terrible habit of writing postcards (and letters) without mailing them. Perhaps those long lost recipients will finally get a chance to read my 16-year-old words of wisdom.

random old timey postcard from a place I've never been

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