Sunday, February 19, 2012


Between getting caught up on work from a brief trip and fighting off a cold, it's been a little hard to stay focused this week. I'm also at the place where I am sending cards to people who not only didn't request to be a part of the project but don't know I'm doing it. That means they could be getting a nice surprise, but I may start sending new cards to people from the beginning of the month. Part of the thrill for me is matching which postcard I send to each person - I suspect this level of overthinking care and consideration may be a big part of why I stopped sending letters and postcards in the first place. I also find there are a few postcards that I'm reluctant to send at all. It's silly - but I can get sentimental over the smallest things. I just keep reminding myself that the more attachment I have to a postcard, the better it is to give to someone else. Plus, isn't this why I bothered starting a blog about the project? To record what I send and keep a little bit of it for myself as well?

On to the cards!

Mailed February 16:

I had forgotten all about this postcard and it sort of weirded me out when I found it. All those eyes! Just staring! What do they mean?! It seems like something you'd see in a palm reader's waiting room.

Mailed February 17:

Margaret Mitchell House
I picked this up when I was visiting my sister in Atlanta in 2007. I don't think we actually went into the house, but we did go by it. It was a great trip - my first time to Atlanta, I got to say goodbye to the Meepster (a kitten I adopted in 1989 and a year later asked my sister to take care of for "a while", aka the next 17 years), and every single bit of food I ate while I was there was unbelievably good. Even the local fast-ish food places were rockin'. And it turns out that I love grits - who knew?

 Mailed February 18 19:

I spent most of yesterday in bed, so while I intended for this to go out on time, it didn't.

From the pie shop near where I live. I'll confess - I don't looooove their pie crust. It's really...crusty. But I do love their coffee. It's damned good. And the people are super friendly. And they don't mock me for always bringing my own cup.

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