Thursday, February 16, 2012

Halfway point

As I mentioned this morning, I had a minor stumble and didn't send out a postcard yesterday, so two went out today. I've been sending cards to new people every day so far, but I think I'll be dipping into the pool of people who've already received one pretty soon.

Mailed February 15:

Today was unintentionally a day of painting postcards...
Edward Hopper - "Morning Sun"
 Another international destination, a card I bought kinda recently and had forgotten, but I find this image so compelling. The colors, the perspective, the tension - all very evocative.

Frida Kahlo - "The Dream"

A favorite from my college years - Frida Kahlo. I learned of her in 1988 when I was involved in a puppetry musical performance extravaganza in college. The project was extremely cool, but also out there. I can still recall some of the lines, and especially the songs - notably a line from a brief aria I sang about Frida Kahlo's abortion. "It's a sexual thing! A lavender orchid from Diego...touched with the sentimental..." Good times!

From that time I have a couple of books about Kahlo, and I had a book of postcards. Alas, I only seem to have a couple of the cards left, and this one is making its way to the heartland right now.

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