Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 27

I mentioned in my first post that I found a bunch of postcards and letters I have written over the years and not sent. Even worse (or better, depending on your perspective), I bothered to save so many of them - probably because I liked the cards too much to toss. The time has come to excavate these little gems...many of the intended recipients have fallen to the social wayside, but I was looking for the right postcard to send a friend I've known since high school when I discovered one with her name already on it...

Mailed February 27:

I went to London in 1985 with my mom and sister - at the time I considered London to be THE aesthetic mecca of the world. Alas, I only got to spend 15 minutes on my own during the trip, when I had to run back to the hotel to use the loo. The rest of the time I was at the mercy of my more culturally minded family, wasting time* visiting Cambridge and taking high tea and overtipping cabs with those confusing pound coins. We did end up at some sort of flea market where I bought a favorite pair of earrings and a UK-only cassette of The The's Soul Mining album, which was awesome even though I already owned the US version.

I bought this card there (Punks in London!! Hanging out with a Bobby! SO AUTHENTIC!), and wrote it over the summer. We were moving from an apartment in what we all referred to as the "geriatric condo" to a house, and I hadn't seen the inside of my new home yet. I also mentioned going to Great Adventure, something I never did and don't even remember wanting to do.

My handwriting was atrocious.

Since this postcard was already written, I sent it in a groovy envelope with a note card inside for a more timely message as well.

The cat looks okay but I don't trust that bunny one bit

* By "wasting time", I mean having all sorts of interesting adventures that my snotty teenage brain couldn't fully appreciate until much later, of course.

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